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Though we cannot accept EVERY dog that comes our way, we are still here to help. Until Such Time has created an extensive network of pet owners and are happy to assist in the rehoming process. The dogs below are not part of our sanctuary, but ARE available for adoption!

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Sweet Zeus will be four years old in December. He adores attention, and can be found snuggling next to you. Zeus has completed extensive training, and knows many commands such as Place, Cage, and Heel. He is e-collar trained, and appreciates a consistent routine. While he is not fond of unknown animals, he is very protective of his family. 

Zeus is currently on Fromm Gold

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Daisy is 13 years old. Due to her age, she has developed some sight issues that make seeing in the dark difficult. Additionally, Daisy is taking Glucosamine supplements to help with her aging hips. Despite her age, Daisy is very sweet. She prefers napping and being pet to getting into shenanigans with her siblings. 

Daisy is currently on Fromm Gold

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Minnie is believed to be around 11 years old. She weighs under 5.5lbs. Minnie is very nervous, but also super sweet! She also loves to be held.

Minnie is currently on Fromm Gold

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2 Year Old neutered CH Smooth Fox Terrier looking for new home. 


Hudson is a finished 2 year old with his Barn Hunt Novice, CGC, and a trick dog title. He also enjoys Fast CAT and has some points toward his beginner title there too. Located in Lakeland, Florida.


Hudson is a great dog but simply doesn’t fit in well with my pack and our personalities have begun to clash as he has matured. I would like to find him a home where he is more of a centerpiece. He is clean and quiet (for a Smooth….) and has some basic obedience skills. He tries hard to please (again, for a Smooth) and would excel as a performance dog or a Junior Showmanship dog with some prior training.


He’s super active and likes to be involved in all things. He does have a short off switch and likes to snuggle, but you definitely have to run him first lol. He gets along with most dogs well, but can be a bit much for smaller dogs or those with strong personalities. He likes cats a bit TOO much and comes on strong. He has not hurt one though, but could if they choose to run... He will kill small animals/birds though because he IS a Terrier.

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