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Are You Prepared?

When living in Florida, you never know when a state of emergency can strike. Unfortunately, owning a pet during these times can add a great deal of stress to the situation. It is always best to stay ahead of the game, and prepare now for natural disasters. Below, we have listed a handful of tips and resources that may be helpful in your efforts to stay ready.

1. Make sure your pet is easily identifiable. Talk to your vet about microchipping your dog or cat! This form of identification is often what rescues and vets will check for when they recover a lost pet. Additionally, keep a picture of your pet with you, in case you are separated at any point. 

2. Keep tabs on where you put your pet's records. In the state of emergency, technology may fail. Keep a copy of your pet's updated vaccination and medical records on hand. They will likely be required to schedule emergency boardings. 

3. Prepare your pet's carrier and supplies ahead of time.  Have all your supplies packed and organized, with clear instructions for your boarder. Even if you do not board your pet during the disaster, it is wise to keep an emergency kit on hand. The CDC has put together a detailed checklist for preparing emergency kits for both dogs and cats. Click here to view that checklist.


Loki is available for adoption through the Until Such Time Sanctuary. Click the image to learn more about him. 

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