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Hi! I'm Zen and my name is a perfect reflection of my personality. I am a resilient and loving Lab Pit Mix with a heart full of gratitude. My current family took me in as a heartworm foster and quickly fell in love with my calm demeanor. I'm completely healthy now and enjoy lounging in the backyard or snuggling on the couch. I am trained in the basics and will do anything for a treat!

No one knows much about much background but my scars suggest it may have been pretty rough. Sometimes I may scare easily as my memories still linger, but with the right care and understanding from humans, I'm learning to trust and feel safe again. I'm not sure of my exact birthday, maybe I'm 5 or 7 years old, but regardless I'm happy to celebrate!


Zen prefers a home without young children or other pets, as he enjoys having all the attention to himself. If you like cuddles, I would love to be your perfect companion.

Interested in adopting Zen? Click here. 

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