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Hi! My name is Loki, named after the God of Mischief! I am a neutered male American Pit Bull Terrier, born in 2017. I need an EXPERIENCED home who will be able to give me a job with lots of exercise! I'm super athletic and can clear a 6 foot fence if I feel like it. I love my Kong ball and my tug toys! I'm a little anxious in a crate and can break out of a normal wire kennel, so I need one that's pretty tough. I'm usually good with blankets and beds, but sometimes if I get bored or anxious, I'll tear them up. Thunderstorms and fireworks are very scary to me... But I love to snuggle up in bed to calm down! I do know my name and I also am very familiar with basic commands like heel, sit, down, come, stay, drop it, and place! I would excel in sports like agility, obedience, frisbee, or possibly even flyball. I am looking for my new forever home!


If you'd like to help sponsor my food or vet visits, click here!

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