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Hi, my name is Thunder! I am a male Doberman Pinscher that was born in March of 2020. I started coming to Das Hund Haus for boarding, daycare, and training and made a lot of friends there with the staff. I can be a bit picky when it comes to other dogs though and after bullying my (smaller) older brother, my family thought it best that I look for a new home with UST. I'm a REALLY smart boy and I'm generally well-behaved, but I need a place where I can be the center of attention without having to share. I get jealous very quickly... I also have a super sensitive stomach and can't process most meat proteins, so I'm on a special diet and enjoy things like Sweet Potatoes for treats. I can be a little destructive (and like to sing) if left on my own for too long. Despite my quirks, I truly am a good boy with so much love to give! I am looking for my new forever home!


If you'd like to help sponsor my food or vet visits, click here!

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