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Cats of UST

Occasionally, we have feline friends that find their way into the hearts and homes of our volunteers and staff. It is our goal to find ideal homes for all of the critters we come across! Therefore, we sometimes have some cats or kittens that may need a forever home.

Please reach out if you might be interested in adopting one!


This lovely momma cat and her 4 kittens were abandoned at our facility. She is quite young still and very friendly!


One of Olivia's kittens, this spunky Calico is the life of the party! She loves to play and bounce around!


This little dude is another of Olivia's kittens. He's super sweet and very curious!


Trust us, he's no "Oscar the Grouch." This little guy is an A+ snuggle bug. This is one of Olivia's kittens.


Winston was given up after his owner's living situations changed. He tried to make it work with a new family, but has a really hard time handling stress. As a result, he began peeing in a variety of inappropriate places... Winston is a fantastic cat once he's comfortable, but the adjustment period can be a bit rough!

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